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It`s an honor for us to work with you!

We are your loyal helper in the field of transportation services. Our main mission is to simplify your removal making it a pleasant fresh new start, but not a tough process.

We are aware of your busy lifestyle, which is why we work fast and faultlessly.

M&P Moves is a company that aims to satisfy the customers by presenting high quality transportation services in London and nearby region. If a removal lies ahead of you or you need furniture or other baggage type carrying, transportation of purchased goods from the store or any other similar services, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to provide you full customer support, so you can receive your personal belongings or goods in a proper condition.

We have a wide coverage in Western London and nearby regions. We have vans to load your packed clothes, personal belongings and furniture on. We also organize vehicles or musical instruments delivery – pianos and etc.

We are by your side in case you need boxes of assistance in your baggage packing, as well!

Rely on us and we will do everything possible to provide you 100% satisfying final results!

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