M&P Moves

We are M&P Moves and it would be an honour to work with you.

We are your loyal assistant in the field of transport services. Our mission is to simplify your move turning it into a relaxing experience.

We are aware of everyone’s busy lifestyle which is why we work faster and smarter without sacrificing quality.

M&P Moves is a company that aims to make customers happy by presenting high quality transport services in London and outer areas. If a removal lies ahead of you or you need furniture or other baggage type carrying, transport of purchased items from the store or any other similar services, please get in touch. We would be glad to provide you with full customer support so you can receive your personal belongings in the expected condition.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who truly enjoy their job. We have a proven history of successful, long-term relationships with our customers. We are driven to do whatever it takes to make the transport service a nice and pleasant experience for you.

We have a wide coverage in West London and the surrounding area. We have vans to load your packed clothes, personal belongings and furniture on. We also provide secure vehicles and musical instruments delivery – guitars, drums, pianos etc.

We are by your side in case you need boxes assisting your baggage packing as well.

Trust us and we will do our best to make sure you get an excellent service and 100% satisfaction.

Get in touch to get a quote today or give us a call on +44 7857 821891